Carroll Springs United Methodist Church
I am a big fan of pictures. I love capturing moments of my family doing many things, including celebrating Texas Tech sporting events! Yet, this picture Is one of my favorites, it is an awesome picture of me smiling at my son as he ran into my arms. If only I had a wide shot for you to see how happy he looked, or my little girl in a similar picture! The point is, the moments then, and now, matter deeply to me. I challenge anyone to beat the feeling of a child running full speed into your arms for a hug!

I believe this picture symbolizes what has happened in my life and the life of my family. For 11 years, I have been a teacher/coach and a teacher/part-time pastor. As great as those moments were, the moment of running full speed into Full-Time ministry has always been in my head. Would it ever happen? Like the Psalmist, I waited (and waited!) for the moment to come, and finally, the Lord heard my cry (cf. Psalm 40:1). When the opportunity came to change, my wife and I ran to our God and prayed without fear, knowing full well God is a God who never leaves us, and is with us in any choice that we make!

I am pleased of what the Lord did to bring me to this moment. Churches, coaches, principals, teachers, and hundreds of students that I taught, have helped shape me for my first Full-Time appointment as a Licensed Local Pastor in the UMC. I am even more pleased that the Appointment is in a great place like Carroll Springs UMC! This church has a great reputation of being sensitive to the Spirt of Christ, being a loving congregation, and forward thinking, exemplified recently by the expansion into a New Fellowship Hall. My family and I look forward to continuing to build up moments of the Kingdom of God at Carroll Springs UMC. May I, may we, not walk but run full speed into the future, knowing that our God is always there (Matthew 28:20), smiling, and waiting. We would be honored, if you ran with us, for the sake of Him (Philippians 3:12-14).